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University of London, Royal Holloway

Renowned Music department of The University of London, Royal Holloway, Egham

apple mac support for education - royal holloway

Royal Holloway is part of The University of London situated in Egham (West London). It has a world renowned music department with several professional level digital studios and student workstations based around Logic Studio (version 8), Reason 4 and Sibelius, on both PPC and Intel based Macintosh machines.

FatMac provides ongoing consultation & maintenance services for the music department. The initial installation was based around Logic Pro on G4 & G5 machines, since then the music department has seen several upgrades including the move to Intel based Macs and the addition of Pro Tools and Reason. During our time at Royal Holloway we have had several goals; firstly, the workstations have to be easy for the students to use whilst providing a high level of security for all users and secondly, it is vital for the systems to be quick and easy to maintain.

apple mac support for education - royal holloway

To achieve these goals we used a mix of differing access privileges for students & lecturers, and Remote Administration & ASR disk images for quick system restoration. These measures allowed students access to specific areas of the network (lecturers have full access), whilst giving us the ability to remotely administer and restore the system in a matter of minutes should a fault occur.

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Fatmac recommend and fully support Logic Studio in all educational environments.